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Food safety experts from multiple countries and academic backgrounds decided to provide substantial assistance to all who are willing to become food safety professionals or auditors. Veterinarians, agriculturists, food technologists , chemical engineers collaborate on this project that will change your life. Leadership and Guidance: We have a strong desire to mentor and guide aspiring auditors, sharing our knowledge and experience to help them succeed. We see the establishment of an academy as a mean to provide structured mentorship programs, personalized guidance, and ongoing support to the participants. Ethical and Professional Standards: We have a deep-rooted belief in the importance of upholding ethical and professional standards within the auditing profession. We want to establish an academy that not only imparts technical skills but also emphasizes the significance of integrity, independence, and ethical decision-making in auditing practices.

Our Story

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Dedicated team members who contribute to the success of our academy. We identified a gap in the market for well-trained food safety professionals eg auditors, consultants, industry key operators . By establishing an elite food safety professionals training academy, we aim to address this need and contribute to the development of highly competent individuals in the field.

We are driven by values

We are driven by a desire to help food safety professionals reach their full potential and advance their careers. We want to provide a platform where all interested individuals can acquire advanced skills, gain specialized knowledge and enhance their professional development opportunities. A clear and strong commitment to excellence, inclusivity, innovation and personalized learning are the foundations of our academy. Use the button below as an invitation to explore our training programs, register for a free trial, or contact our team for further information. Take the next step and become a part of our academy’s story!

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